Friday, March 9, 2007

Andreas Makris

Andreas Makris was a relatively unknown Greek violinist and composer. He lived most of his life in the US and worked as violinist for the National Symphony Orchestra for 28 years. Among his compositional work belong many arrangements. A complete biography of him you can find here.

Andreas Makris died in 2005 from diabetes. His birthday wiukd have been on March 7th. This is a small tribute to his music, and since I could not find much on the net, here some samples of his works. The Andreas Makris Endowment's page, where from my examples, gives a complete catalogue of his works, along with many recordins of his works and reviews.

The only work of his I ever heard live is Little Milton on the beach for two violins; it was performed many years ago by two friends on a concert in Karlsruhe. Next on this short list is the concerto fantasia for violin and orchestra. Unfortunately, there's no information on the website on the performers, but only in the recordings, if any. The Concerto for strings is an old work. (here) Finally, three orchestral works: the Aegean festival overture can be found here and Antithesis for full orchestra both, here and Intrigues for solo clarinet and orchestra (without woodwinds) here. All too large for the post.

Enjoy the listening!

Many composers celebrate their birthdays on those days, so next week with some more.

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