Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dimitri Terzakis

Dimitri Terzakis is another great -in my opinion- Greek composer. This of course, might sound as an exaggeration, his career though supports it, even though he never became famous outside the connoiseurs cycle. He had his birthday last week -I've been a bit too late with these posts- and I'd like to present him shortly. Furthermore, he was awarded -as well last week- an honorary Doctorate from the Universsty of Macedonia in Thessaloniki (Greece). Info in Greek here.

I heard his name for the first time many years ago: probably in the mid- to late '90s by a Spanish pianist. It took as well a few years to get to know him and his music a bit. You can find some CVs on him in German here, there you can find as well all the addresses of his editors) and a complete catalogue of his work. An interesting portrait of him here, at his main publisher's website. One CV in Greek here. Unfortunately nothing in English on the net: so, I have to write few things myself this time. He's been very much influenced by the Byzantine music as well by the one of the Eastern Mediterranean -and this is something he admits himself. As a result his music is unique, melodic, and monophonic. He composes horizontally (in voices), not vertically (in harmonies). Dimitri Terzakis taught composition in many institutions, most recently at the Hochschule Felix-Mendelssohn Bartholdy in Leipzig.

Examples from the CD The gates of night and day follow:

the gates of night and day


ethos B



Instrumentation and musicians -together with other examples- can be found here. If the music links don't work check this page for samples from 5 CDs.

I had the honor and luck to work with him -like with Vlachopoulos- through phone and internet. The work Pensées for solo piano was a revelation for me and a pleasure to present (however, not complete) for the first time in both Finland and Greece. I don't know when I will play again a work of his, but I probably know which one will be.

Other CDs with music composed by Terzakis you can find here, and here. These include, I believe, all of the recordings of his music available in the market. Most of his printed works can be found and purchased here.

Enjoy the listening!

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proinos said...

Απίστευτα μαργαριτάρια στην παράγραφο που ξεκινά "Ο Λουκάς Καρυτινός....". Ερημε Grieg τι τραβάς...
και αποκορύφωμα η επόμενη παράγραφος με το έργο του Μπετόβεν για ΧΟΡΩΔΙΑ ΠΙΑΝΩΝ!!!!

Στέφανος Νάσος said...

Τόσα χρόνια ση δουλειά κι εκνευρίζεσαι;;; Πρόκειται περί προσφοράς δωρεάν γέλιου στην κοινωνία. Όλο το κείμενο.

proinos said...

Τα πράγματα είναι χειρότερα...
Αποκαλύφθηκε ότι αυτό είναι το δελτίο από το Γραφείο τύπου του Δήμου Αθηναίων και πολλά μέσα το δημοσίευσαν αυτούσιο...
Γειά σου Νικήτα με τους ανθρώπους σου!


Στέφανος Νάσος said...

Το δεύτερο λινκ δε βγαίνει.

Αυτό μπορεί να σε ενδιαφέρει proinos.

proinos said...

Το link (ήταν λάθος), θεωρητικά ήταν για το site του Δήμου Αθηναίων που έδωσε ο nicon στο blog που μου πρότεινες και σε ευχαριστώ πολύ.