Thursday, April 19, 2007

No. 1

20 years ago, actually a bit more than that, I heard one piano piece that later changed my life... It wasn't a Greek one; but it was performed by a Greek pianist in Athens.

You see, I have my whole family in this business -should I say maybe stuck in this business?- and my parents did follow most things back then. So, when the late Lev Vlassenko came to Athens for a two weeks seminar for the first time in 1987, they took me to it. After an audition, he did actually accept all the applicants. If I remember correctly, I ended up having lesson with him every day.

Most of the participants were Greek, and there was one who was obviously better than the rest. I haven't heard him ever since I think, but I know more or less how he developed; nowadays, he teaches the piano in a Greek university. So, this young brilliant pianist performed back then Liszt's Mephisto Waltz No. 1. It was probably the first time I was listening to it, and I was fascinated. I dreamed of playing it, and it wasn't much long later when this happened. I even managed to play it to Vlassenko, in his fourth (or fifth) visit in Athens in 1991 (or 1992).

Eventually, I played it several times here and there, left it and picked it up again, and finally for the first time in the '00s I practiced it last year again. Now, it's another moment of those, where I have to refresh it, and that's not the easiest thing to do. But it stills fascinates me, and I managed to find some inspiration from the orchestral version of it as well.

Before I perform it again however, there are some other works to practice and play. So, no rush for the devil's waltz yet! If the real thing is achieved I'll try to make the audience dance.

Until next time! The series will continue in both blogs, depending on the work... Cheers

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elafini said...

καλησπέρα αγαπητέ Στέφανε..μόλις είδα το σχόλιό σου πάνω στον Rautavaara (αυτό είναι το κακό με τα παλιά posts..)..το γιατί δεν τον συμπαθούν εκεί το ξέρεις καλύτερα εσύ που ζείς κι εκεί..δεν ξέρω ας πούμε αν προτιμούν κάτι σε στυλ Sibelious...καλή επιτυχία στη συναυλία σου

Στέφανος Νάσος said...

καλώς όρισες ελαφίνι!

κάλλιο αργά παρά ποτέ... (ραουταβάαρα...)

μπα, δεν το ξέρω.