Thursday, August 9, 2007

An ex-minister -or maybe a couple of them, a current one, and an orchestra

Intro: somebody already complained that I write very seldom... Well, I haven't been on the web for over a week; and the best of it is that I had no addiction symproms at all. No sir! Plenty of spam in one e-mail account, some interesting -and several answers- in the others...

So, here's the deal: in the year 2003, a Greek orchestra was in need for money (for those who know, that's no news...). The Greek state you see, often promises more than it can deliver. So, it could not deliver its year-fund for the orchestra. Instead, the minister of culture proposed to the orchestra to receive a loan from bank, while the ministry would be responsible for paying it back to the bank.

So far, so good. The problem, among others, is that there was a new government elected in Greece in 2004, something that of course the minister with the brilliant idea of the loan was aware of. The first minister of the new government -which by the way consists from a different party then the old one- rather ignored the loan; at the same time the interest was (is) growing. The next -and present- minister of culture ignores as well the problem. The whole story -in Greek- here. The orchestra of the colours has been many times in this kind of financial problems, mainly because the Greek state owes them their annual funding of several years, or parts of it. Luckily none of the usual summer rumors -about closing down the orchestra and other positive news- has been true up to now. Probably not even this one, although banks are not to mess with...

Outro: as always a bit late with these news, but I'm in Athens, Greece, or rather a bit outside of the city, enjoying the sun and the sea on a daily basis. Practice is on the program too... Cheers!

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