Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Greek Opera today...

I'm back in Athens since Monday night, and I have about 2,5 weeks to attend concerts and other events here; before I enroll the army, that is. So, I wanted to check some things yesterday.

Next to my place, or my parents' place there's the Greek National Opera. I was walking nearby and thought to check their program. Before I write what happened, one detail: the opera house is without an artistic director since last summer. Or was it spring? So, the opera is ran by the managing director together with the board, I suppose... I also guess, that the program follows the planning of the previous director.

The program of the season was a single leaflet, on cardboard of rather good quality. No names of singers, or conductors for that matter, were mentioned there, neither the times of performances... Now, these issues shouldn't be a mess, just because the artistic director isn't there. What is the rest of the staff doing over there?

Next to me a lady was making an inquiry about the prices of the tickets. Last year the price of a single ticket at the stalls (ground floor-orchestra) was 45 euros. This year the same price is 60. The cashiers were not denying this allegation, so I guess this is a fact. As you might guess, the lady was a bit upset... This price might be OK for Paris or London, but I think is a bit expensive for Athens. Especially, in a country where a visit to the movies is 7 euros or to the theaters max. 25.

I'm not an opera fan. But, I was rather disappointed from this short encounter with the opera issues. Cheers!

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