Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thursday's concert

I went to an orchestra concert last Thursday, Oct. 18th. While I usually don't write critiques on Greek artists, I'll make an exception today, since both the conductor and the soloist were foreigners. The Orchestra of the Colours had a tribute to the 100th anniversary of Edvard Grieg's death. In the program, Peer Gynt Suite no.1, the piano concerto, Holberg suite and the four Norwegian dances. The young Norwegian pianist Joachim Kjelsaas Kwetzinski was the soloist on the concerto while Yang Yang conducted the orchestra.

A fine program in all, not too long, was performed in what I believe it to be one of the finest moments in the history of the orchestra. Detailed work was done by the conductor, something that I could at least immediately recognize. My favorite were the Holberg Suite, a work that indeed needs some delicacy from both conductor and orchestra, as well the first two movements of the Peer Gynt. The pianist superb too, though, maybe a bit shy for the taste of the Greek audience (but they still liked him very much, as you will see). In fact, everybody else liked the concert as well; not only the soloist was brought out to the stage repeatedly, playing a miniature by Geirr Tveitt (in Norwegian), but as well the conductor. As a result, they played once again the last movement from the Peer Gynt.

Watch out, I might be in a concert near you! Tata!

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proinos said...

Τι έγινε?
Χαλάρωσαν τα πράγματα στον ελληνικό στρατό και έχουμε όλο εξόδους?

proinos said...

Είσαστε πολίτης για 10 ακόμα μέρες...
Οπότε καλές εξόδους μέχρι τότε!!

Στέφανος Νάσος said...


καμία χαλάρωση. Η φονική μηχανή πάντα στις επάλξεις!!!

μια βδομάδα ακόμα.