Monday, February 25, 2008

Predictions and stuff

As I did predict in the previous post -in Greek- the Grand Prix at the Maria Callas Competition was finally not awarded. More details on that in English here. Sadly the hall was not even half full -or as a colleague said, the friends of piano in Athens are not so many after all... One more thing: it was very funny to listen to the letters of two political persons (the minister of culture and the mayor of Athens) addressing the audience of the competition's final. In spite of the importance of this competition for the city -as they claim- it seems that there's no orchestra in this city, or in this country, to accompany the pianists, or accordingly the singers. The Rumanian orchestra is still necessary...

Anyway, after this final I did run to listen to the concert of Camerata -Friends of music Orchestra- in the Dimitri Mitropoulos hall of the Megaron -it's the small hall of the complex. In an earlier post I was wondering whether they would fill the big one. Once again, I was wrong, since the audience of this concert did not fill the small one unfortunately. Sadly, very few music lovers did came to this concert. I guess that the subscribers were not fascinated by the program. The problem however was that the rumours about sold-out hall maybe hinder some potential listeners...

The program was well balanced, not too long, with a world premiere: René Koering's Kammerkonzert for piano and chamber orchestra. Yiannis Vakarelis as soloist proved himself a brilliant choice for this work. The other soloist of the evening, Korina Vougiouka performed Joaquín Rodrigo's Fantasía para un gentilhombre (Fantasy for a Gentleman). After listening Prokofiev's 3rd piano concerto in the large hall, this work was a huge change in the mood -a good one that is.

This week, I think I will abstain from too many concerts. Maybe... cheers!

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