Friday, April 11, 2008

Piano Days -or, you have to be old in Greece...

A series of concerts and other events takes place these days in Athens - at the Athens concert hall. Piano days is its name and it started last week with a recital of Grigory Sokolov. (here something about that). I like a lot Sokolov and ws more than happy to listen to him once again. The next big name in this event is Charles Rosen -an artist known rather for his books than his recordings, or Cyprien Katsaris -an outsider in the European scene, with a love for rarities. There are some Greek pianists taking part -and there's the catch.

The youngest of them is just under 40. I was checking the program again and again, maybe I missed some name or something like that. No, there's no Greek pianist under 30 in this event -and only one under 40. I think, I'll be again the only one noticing such a detail -it is however important and shows some typical Greek attitude. It doesn't matter of course, that I could name at least 10-15 pianists -more than- able to perform there. Since this is not the problem. In my opinion the problem is that the person in charge is another Greek pianist -with an international career- who obviously has no time to listen other people's concerts. You see, I think that this is the only way of chosing players for your festival: by listening them yourself. Otherwise, you have to trust other people's opinions - who often don't go to concerts themselves either.

Mr Janis Vakarelis -the pianist in charge- probably heard some third persons' opinions. If not, somebody should inform him of the younger generation. I believe that he cares. From allround pianists like George-Emmanuel Lazaridis, whom he knows, and Vassilis Varvaresos to specialists like Ermis Theodorakis and Lenio Liatsou. 'nuff said!

PS: This is not a personal complaint. My hands are in a pretty bad condition, I couldn't play anything yet. Please, don't misunderstand this post. There are however many others out there. Cheers!

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