Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Καλό μήνα καταρχήν!

It´s about time to start writing about personal things -and leave other people (and institutions) in peace. Few concerts coming up till the end of the year, and it seems that my effort to turn to a more conventional repertoire will fall down this time. There will be lots of Greek music playing during the second half of 2008, with chamber music and a concerto in the focus.

First, a concert with our BMC trio next August in Trieste, Italy. Flute, cello and piano is the ensemble. This time I struggled more than before to make the programme, since I got lots of good music in my hands. Due to some circumstances I had unfortunately to choose among the works. I had to reject some for now. Our cellist is busy, that is very busy -with a Beethoven sonatas cycle (or two) just before our concert, and our flutist -with a half-time job and her studies ending this year- is in need of vacations... Myself, not in the best shape of my life... plus some unexpected concert a bit earlier than planned. (see concerto later)

Still, I came up with an interesting programme with works by Greeks of the diaspora. Goes with the city too, that was built in a sense by Greeks... More about it in a later post.

The concerto is fascinating too. Maybe a bit too fascinating, but there is plenty of time until the performance, so no sweat about that. I'm not sure whether the orchestra already published the official programme of its season, so more about that too later. For now, it's time to get the hands "dirty" and practice. That's very good right now in Helsinki, where it's high holiday season and the city is empty. Some other things are still in progress, maybe with a twist of luck some great projects for 2009 as well.


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