Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The programme (I)

Next week, my first concert in a long time will find place. As I wrote in the previous post, is a chamber music concert in Trieste, Italy. In the programme, works by Greek composers of the diaspora for flute, cello, and piano. Half of the programme we presented couple of years ago, in concerts in Greece and Finland.

It includes a miniature trio by the Latvian composer -of Greek origin by his mother- Peteris Plakidis, Dedication to Haydn, a longer trio by Jannis Vlachopoulos, and one by the young Greek composer Antonis Anissegos -its name helix. The rest of the programme consists by duos: one for cello and piano by Arghyris Kounadis, Präludium zu einer Elegie, one for flute and piano by Dinos Constantinides, Rhapsody II, and one for piccolo and piano by George Tsontakis, Fervore. The trio by Vlachopoulos was composed in 1991. You can find some info on him in this older post. For reasons unknown to me, it was not performed until the day it got into my hands. So, with a twist of luck, we (Jaana, Silver, and me) gave its world premiere in March 2006, in a concert in Thessaloniki, Greece.

I have struggled a lot to come up with a good description of the work. I read from time to time Jeremy Denk´s blog, and often I´m fascinated by the imaginative way he can describe works of music, even though his writing is not easy to me... Anyway, the style of Vlachopoulos writing in this work is not identifiable. There are few motives that reappear once and again in different forms. The overall intensity comes from within I believe, not by impressive technical gestures. An important element of the work, one that makes it beautiful in my opinion, is the combination of the three diverse sound colors of the instruments at hand. I think that one can call this work, a study on sound. This is going to be the fifth presentation of the work, and obviously its first in Italy.

The miniature trio by Plakidis is probably intended to be used as an encore piece. With a duration slightly over three minutes, it makes the listener hungry for more. Unfortunately, the listeners of our concert next Wednesday, will have to deal with other kinds of music after that piece. As it imitates Haydn, the piece is in Allegretto, the cello stays in a more accompanying role, the piano has a few alberti bass accompaniments here and there -often harmonically distorted, and the flute seems to be the ensemble´s buffoon with some gags as comments. A brilliant piece indeed, it has been recorded by Agnese Argale (flute), Ivars Pauls (cello) and the composer on the piano, for the Latvian radio and was published on a CD in Greece (CD 0778, Lyra records. Check the CD, just in Greek here.

That´s all for now, the rest later. Cheers!

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