Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Programme (II)

Continuing from the previous post, a short presentation of the duos in the programme -those already played in previous concerts.

Arghyris Kounadis' duo for cello and piano Präludium zu einer Elegie was composed in 1991. It's a a virtuoso yet lyrical fantasy in free form. Work of improvisatory character, it is based on the ability of the cello to produce a great variety of sound colors, either by itself or in combination with the piano. The virtuoso texture of both instruments is eminent, although the cello dominates the work. Or as Silver, the cellist put it, "this is a hell of an uncomfortable work" -and he has played a lot. A third and most important element in the faster parts of the piece is the rhythm: there are polyrhythms, combined measures, as well as alternation of the metre. Unfortunately there´s not much to find on Kounadis on the web. The only thing I found is an article at the Grove´s dictionary but it´s open only to subscribers. I should write something about Kounadis on a later post.

Then we play a duo for flute and piano by Dinos Constantinides, Rhapsody II. It´s a fantasy in trinary form. The composer is interested about the phrases: these are often split between the two instruments in such a way that they still give an impression of entity. The melodic lines are in principle phlegmatic, with the exception of the middle part of the piece, where the flute exposes a long and highly lyrical phrase. According to Constantinides, the work is inspired by Homer´s Iliad.

The rest tomorrow, cheers!

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