Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Programme (III)

Greetings from sunny Athens! Yes, swimming is on the program. Over 35 degrees Celcius in the city, but here in the east coast a bit better. Now, I left something unfinished last week. Just a few words for the rest of the concert programme of Trieste.

The two new works we presented there were a trio by Antonis Anissegos, helix from 2004, and the 4 Greek dances by Georgios Kasassoglou for flute and piano -as far as I know a transcription. The latter was not originally planned, we just decided to take something off the programme and play this instead -only when we were there and understood a bit the situation and the festival. A wise decision, as it proved later.

Anissegos' helix is an unusual work -it combines aleatoric elements with "conventional" notation, plus there are many moments -or sections- of total improvisation. It's in one movement, although there are three parts as far as the structure is concerned. In the first, measures with meter are combined with measures without pulse. The development is slow, and, I guess, difficult for the average listener. In the second part, the impros start -first in the cello, while flute and piano continue the previous pattern, then in the flute. Similarly there's a duo for cello and piano at this place. Finally, the piano starts its impro -another duo this time, flute and cello. Then, the written impro comes in all three instruments. Chaos!!! In the final part, gradually, all three instruments play the same notes -though in diverse register. A bit of Eastern color comes to the fore -or rather a lot- since both flute and cello have some glissandi at this part.

Kasassoglou's dances were a folklore element in this concert. Obviously, not in connection with the rest of the programme but a note of hapiness for the listeners in Trieste. But more about it later -probably in the other blog...

Today's full moon, and I think, a visit to Acropolis is in the plan - open tonight like many other archaeological sites in the country. Cheers!

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